From the moment we found Brian, we have had an easy, natural time on our planning.  He makes photography human, clean, and memorable.  More than that, Brian is a kind and approachable person who makes the gravity of the day and the photographic record less daunting.  He listens to us and what we would like to feel like and see in our day and offers incredible suggestions on how to achieve that without too much thought and complexity.  His talent speaks for itself; however, what isn’t as obvious from the photos is what it is like to be around Brian when the camera isn’t out.  Jokes, fun conversation about food and everything else that makes life good is the stuff that goes between the space of wedding-photography specifics.  It’s just fun.  


Portland Wedding Photographer Brian Whitt

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I wish there was a more meaningful words other than thank you. I anxiously waited all day after hours of bouquet making, to get the chance to sit down and see these. They made me cry, they made me laugh, they made me swoon and miss Alexander so much! I know he and I tried to our best and did a great job but I must say this magnificence is you! The movement in the dress, the shot in mirror, the details of Alexander's hands on his tie and the black and white images - that absolutely kills me. You made him look like a movie star! I just want you to know I believe in you and your art unconditionally. It makes me so joyful to think I will always be able to carry these incredibly beautiful images of myself and the love of my life. You have true, undeniable talent, never doubt yourself. You killed it! I'm just so grateful.


Your photos of our day make us so happy and feel so lucky that you were our photographer. I honestly don't know if anyone else could have captured the day the same way you did, Brian! The photos are gorgeous! We love them all! You are so talented. Ryan and I got teary-eyed just seeing how you captured everything with so much emotion. Thank you so, so much! We can't wait to share these with all of our friends and family. Thank you again for these memories. It feels like we are able to relive it all again. 



Oregon Editorial Film Photography Brian Whitt

The pictures are just beautiful! I'm pretty excited and really grateful for all the work you have done for this shooting. You have enormous talent and you are generous in what you are doing. You took more time to make more photos, and shooting. I have not enough words to thank you! The photos are beautiful. There are so many details. You have managed to make true what was in my head. Brian you created a harmony and a beautiful energy. The work of light and framing are so great. The result was beyond my expectations! You are the heart of this team. 


We are so glad to have had the pleasure of working with Brian for our wedding. We adore our photos and all the amazing work he put into them. He captured everything so beautifully and he was such a pleasure to work with. Always professional and understanding, and most of all he listens to what you are striving for and captures it in a way that more than exceeded our expectations. We will be asking for his services again as life goes on. It would have been a shame to work with anyone else.



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We want to thank you for our absolutely beautiful engagement and wedding photos. You were more than a photographer. You are our friend and the care and thoughtfulness you put into our special day meant the world to us. We will cherish these photos forever. 


Brian was a joy to work with. From the beginning he was supportive of our ideas and creative about how to make our space and lighting work. Brian listened to our needs and was so wonderful to work with not only my husband and myself but also our whole family. Brian is a great guy and wonderful photographer. Highly recommend him! 



Oregon Wedding Photography Engagement

Having recently met Brian, I can tell you he would be the MOST fun to have document your day and you will make a new friend, guarantee! On top of that you will end up with stunning organic and timeless images that reflect the originality of your heartfelt wedding day.



Brian's uncanny ability to intuit a shot and look or rather wait for his eye to come to the best angle, accessories and lighting speaks volumes on his craft. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, that being the case his photos are priceless.