Porltand Wedding Photographer // An Oregon Coast Bride / by Brian Whitt

Last fall I teamed up with a small group of talented Oregon Wedding Vendors to create a vision from local designer Elizabeth Dye. We wanted to create something romantic and dreamy all around a shipwreck at the Oregon Coast. Our bride was first dressed in a white gown and then a darker, more romantic and edgier gown. With my film photography, I wanted to capture a brighter and more airy feeling that would accentuate the white gown. Conversely, we wanted a moodier and much more whimsical feeling with the black gown. We photographed this one alongside the shipwreck to help push to moodier feeling. The results were just stunning if do say so myself! ;) 

Perhaps you are feeling inspired to make your Oregon Coastal wedding more personalized and special to you. One of the most amazing things for Oregon couples I love to let them know when chatting with them, is that we have a killer team of creatives in this area to help make your wedding as amazing as you are envisioning your special day. 

inspiration for a wedding at the oregon coast

Gown and Styling Concept: Elizabeth Dye | Hair and Makeup: Cassandra Kennedy Beauty | Flowers: Ponderosa & Thyme | Model: Nicolle Michelle with Option Model | Film Lab: PhotoVision | Featured by Magnolia Rouge