Film Photography

Oregon Hot Springs Weekender by Brian Whitt

Breitenbush Hot Springs is known as a magical place by many but nobody said anything about the light there. Holy smokes, what a photographer's dream. Good thing I brought a film camera along on this adventure!  From what I have experienced, you just can't catch light like this with a digital. Aside from the beautiful scenery we enjoyed dips in the hot springs, killer vegetarian food and being unplugged all weekend. Oh and naps, everyday! One of the things that I loved most about Breitenbush was how everybody focused on creating a feeling of a real refreshing retreat. 

There were groups that would come together for a retreat and bonding. Then if you were flying solo it was called a personal retreat. After our first 24 hours, I was in the groove of soaking in the tubs and wondering around with my camera snapping away at all the epic Pacific Northwest scenery. I would definitely recommend trying to catch this gem in the winter. That may be because I am a polar bear and love the colder weather too! 

"If you have no time to rest, it's exactly the right time" -Mark Twain

oregon adventures in the hotsprings

Pentax 645N | Portra 400 | Film Lab: PhotoVision